Bags packed, on my way…

I won’t bother posting a picture of my suitcase — that’s too sad!  I had a wonderful two weeks in China, though it hardly feels like I was here that long.  Time flies, time flies, time flies.

I forgot to post this picture from the other day. I encountered a wonderful woman selling embroidery at the Dirt Market.  We bargained and chatted, and then bargained and chatted some more — and even though, ultimately, we couldn’t agree on a price, it was one of my most pleasant experiences ever in that place.  I liked her so much.

Last pictures of food, too: DUMPLINGS.

We went to Bai Jiao Yuan, a place that has about one hundred different kinds of dumplings on their menu, all freshly made. The ones below? Beef curry.  Absolutely delicious.  What’s amazing about their fillings is that you can taste the individual flavors, with all their various nuances. It’s delicate, it’s lovely. Not always consistent, in terms of food or service — but the other day was great.

And that little teapot is filled with my favorite tea of all: Ju hua cha (or, chrysanthemum flower tea). Simple, light, and beautiful to look at. I need to find a good place in Boston to buy some.

Well, that’s it!  I leave for the airport in thirty minutes, so it’s time for some last minute prepping.  If you’ve got a minute, check out this great article from the New York Times on the “Power of Concentration”:

These effects make sense: the core of mindfulness is the ability to pay attention. That’s exactly what Holmes does when he taps together the tips of his fingers, or exhales a fine cloud of smoke. He is centering his attention on a single element. And somehow, despite the seeming pause in activity, he emerges, time and time again, far ahead of his energetic colleagues. In the time it takes old detective Mac to traipse around all those country towns in search of a missing bicyclist in “The Valley of Fear,” Holmes solves the entire crime without leaving the room where the murder occurred. That’s the thing about mindfulness. It seems to slow you down, but it actually gives you the resources you need to speed up your thinking.

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  1. Do you think (for a non Chinese speaking, non-native) it would be better to visit Beijing on your own and just hire a translator when you get there? Or do you think a tour would be better to experience Beijing? I always see your lovely photos, but worry that I would never get to see that side of Beijing!

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