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Been here and there, spending a lot of time at the library writing the next Hunter Kiss book. Different strategies, for different places and stories. In China, I used to walk or take a cab to the local Starbucks to write in the mornings — in Indiana, all I had to do was curl up on the couch. Here in Boston, I thought I could write from home — but no, something about going out, getting a warm drink, sitting down at a table in the library — that’s what turns on my mind.  I wish I’d figured that out sooner, but better late than never.

Some interesting articles on writing and creating art have been popping over the past few days:

At the blog of the wonderful Faith Erin Hicks, she discusses never giving up, fighting for your art and passion, and dreams: “You will have plenty of discouragement when you try to become good at something, when you try to make it the thing you do well. My advice is not to dismiss the discouragement, but use it to fuel you.

At Brainpickings, an excerpt from 1942 book called “An Anatomy of Inspiration”: “Success depends on adequate knowledge: that is, it depends on sufficient knowledge of the special subject, and a variety of extraneous knowledge to produce new and original combinations of ideas…The process is not so much an active as a passive one. In short the thinker dreams over his subject.

An interview with Joss Whedon, called “Why You Need A Creative Shift Instead Of A Vacation”: “When you work at something really hard, then working at something else is a vacation. I remember returning to work on The Avengers with a clearer eye and being more invested not because I have my art and this is my commerce but because the joy of storytelling is back.”

More later.  It’s getting closer to dinner and I still have work to do.

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