Reading Rainbow: The Musical

So, I was five years old when Reading Rainbow first started airing, waaaay back in 1983, and it instantly became my favorite thing ever.  I loved everything about that show — from the books to LeVar Burton (who, along with Mister Rogers and Big Bird, was one of the central figures of my childhood).  I am 100% certain I’m a writer because of Reading Rainbow, and the love of reading that it instilled in me.  It feels especially poignant now.

Anyway, my aunt found an audio file from 1983 when I was five years old.  My grandfather is on there, too, but it’s a recording of me singing the Reading Rainbow theme song — AND I  LITERALLY KNOW NONE OF THE WORDS. The only thing I get right is ‘Reading Rainbow’. Everything else I’m saying is a complete mystery (who are Chris and Noah?  I want to meet them!), but I sure am enthusiastic and I’m singing it with LOVE.




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