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X-23 #16

Published: November 02, 2011
Rating: Parental Advisory
Penciller: Danni Luo
Cover Artist: Kalman Andrasofszky

While searching a physics lab in New York City for a boy she once sparedafter being ordered to murder his family, X-23 meets a man with a mysterious symbol burned into his forehead. A symbol from her dreams. He slips away before Laura can stop him, and Laura finds herself teaming up with the Future Foundation! After running tests on a machine taken from the same physics lab X-23 had visited, Mr. Fantastic discovers that the device was activated by a signal being emitted from Laura, Sue and Spider-Man – a signal that echoes the energy signature of the Enigma Force, a cosmic entity that selects human hosts to wield its power in times of universal need. An entity that had selected all three heroes for possession in the past. The Enigma Force reveals that his archenemy, the king of Whirldemons, has somehow managed to come to Earth by using the device that Reed took from physics lab.

The Whirldemon King reveals himself and attacks the FF! Just when they think they have the upper hand, the demon inhabits Valeria and gives the heroes a choice : open the portal to his people, or Valeria will die!